Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?

With Naruto Shippuuden starting to release episodes based on the Shinden books, there has been a new visual jutsu introduced, the Ketsuryugan.


The only known user of this visual power seems to be Chino, an orphan kidnapped by En Oyashiro, trained to be a fighter and the only known member of the Chinoike clan.

Similar to the Byakugan and Sharingan, the Keturyugan is an incredible asset when it comes to battle.

This Kekki Genkai allows the user to cast incredibly strong genjutsu, increase one’s speed almost to the point of stopping time, but the most dangerous ability the Ketsuryugan has is it can manipulate living creatures blood in order to turn them into walking time bombs.

These exploding humans can cause large casualties and destruction, making the users very dangerous. We already know the strengths of the Byakugan, Tensigan, Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan and Rinnegan, as they have all been regularly highlighted throughout the Naruto series

Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?
Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?

Except we are yet to really see what this new visual jutsu the Katsuryugan, can really do at full power.

What we do know is that this genjutsu is incredibly powerful, with Sasuke needing to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to break free from its powers.

Therefore, this is no ordinary jutsu and top of that it didn’t even seem as if Chino resisted much to keep Sasuke under her spell in the last episode, so is it possible that this power can be stronger than the Sahringan?

I feel as if this kekki genkai is already more powerful than the regular Sharingan, but at the moment it looks to be on par with the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?
Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?

Obviously, we haven’t seen its power against the Tensigan just yet or the Rinnegan, but I do suspect that this is not too far away, well at least a battle between the Rinnegan and the Katsuryugan that is.

This ability looks incredibly dangerous especially considering it has thus far kept up with Sasuke’s powers, and so I believe this can be equal, if not stronger than the Sharingan and the Byakugan.

Only time will tell,  so make sure to watch the coming episodes as so far we haven’t been given enough information to judge the Katsuryugan’s powers yet. I suspect the coming episodes are going to host some incredible battles indeed and then we will have our answers.

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5 thoughts on “Is The Ketsuryugan Stronger Than The Sharingan And Byakugan?”

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  2. Hey was just rewatching the 2nd Naruto movie and wondered if anyone else realised the similarities between the ketsuryugan and the genjutsu used by members of Haido’s army. I am pretty sure most of their eyes are red, except their pupils are circular instead of having a more rectangular shape. But yeah was just wondering if anyone else saw the similarities.

  3. In movie he used his regular sharing and reversed her strongest jutsu on her and Enyoyashiro killed the whole clan and he is jonin level the blood water made her stronger . The weakness of the ketsruyagon is the sharingan . And the byakugan couldnt stop it .

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