Generation Two May Be Coming To Pokémon Go This Weekend!

Niantic has this week officially announced that there will be a number of Pokémon added to the game this weekend.

The update has been confirmed for December 12th however, there is no official statement saying its generation two.

But what else could it be? Some theories suggest that its shiny Pokémon being added to the game, but we doubt that.

Niantic’s Pokémon Go has had millions of downloads since the app’s release this year and has had three successful events in recent months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Japanese Lapras events were incredibly successful, with trainers going gaga over all the bonuses of the weeks.

These events acted as proof that the Pokémon craze is still here, with millions of trainer’s still playing the game regularly. Now if generation two is coming out this weekend, expect Pokémon Go to boom once again.

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