Dragon Ball Super New Arc Coming February

This is going to make Gohan fans literally explode, as an image of what looks to be Gohan at his best being released today for the Dragon Ball new arc coming in 2017.

The issue of Sheisha’s V Jump magazine is revealing that the new title for the up-in-coming arc is called “Universe Survival”.

The new Dragon Ball Super arc is expected to be released on February 5th and its going to be insane, especially as it looks as if more characters are actually going to be useful once again.

For those who have followed the series so far, if you are not a Saiyan then your pretty much not in Dragon Ball Super, and it’s really annoying.

One thing that I personally and as well as a number of other Dragon Ball fans, enjoyed about the latest movie Resurrection of F, was that most characters were utilised, unlike the series so far.

Gohan, Buu, Yamcha, Piccolo, Krillin, Goten, Kid Trunks and Tien have all barely been in the series, and may as well not exist in Super. However, this is all about to end, as we see all of those characters listed above including Android 17, 18 and Master Roshi looking ready to fight.

So this new arc could once again include our other forgotten beloved characters, who we grew up with and have barely seen in Super so far (especially Gohan).

The series has also been hinting multiple times that Gohan can return to his awesome self however, this is still yet to be officially confirmed, but this image does raise hopes.

It will be good to see how the Androids and all the other non-Saiyan characters will be useful once again, but nevertheless, it will be good to see them in action.

So big news Dragon Ball fans with Super coming to English in January 2017 and with Super getting even better in Japanese as well.


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