Dragon Ball Super English Dub Coming In Early 2017

Dragon Ball Super Part 1

After a long wait, the English dub is here.

There have already been 69 episodes of Dragon Ball Super released, and a movie since Battle of Gods hit the big screen in 2013. There has been a great number of fans who have eagerly awaited the English dub.

Now finally in the New Year, the fans that have refused to watch the subbed versions can enjoy their long-awaited favorite anime.If you have already watched the anime in English sub like myself, it can be experienced again in English dub and I too cannot wait.

Toonami Animation has just officially announced that Dragon Ball Super will premier on Saturday, January 7th at 11:30pm, in wait for it, English!

So Dragon Ball fans, get excited as it’s not too far away. Time to re-watch everything that has happened from the Champa and Zamasu sagas, as well as the episode versions of Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F.

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