Do Dragon Ball Fans Deserve Another Live-Action Movie?

Now before you all explode, I want to clarify that I do not mean a sequel to Dragon Ball Evolution, what I do mean is a live action film that is actually good.

Now let’s not go too much into why the 2009 Dragon Ball Evolution movie was only rated a 2.7 on IMDB, no Krillin, the story was poor, Goku was terrible and don’t even get me started on the way Piccolo looked.

So with this incredible failure, which caused the creators to even apologize to Dragon Ball fans about how bad it was, why would we want another?

Well because to put it simply, there is just o much potential here, Dragon Ball is arguably one of the most successful anime of all time and the inspiration of so many other successful series, including Naruto.

Also earlier this year it has been announced that Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and Naruto are all having live-action movies released in 2017, all of which are expected to be quite successful.

Therefore, I believe Dragon Ball fans deserve a better live-action movie, compared to what they got in 2009, especially if these next three movies are successful in 2017.

As we know Dragon Ball Super has been doing incredibly well since ‘Battle of the Gods’ and ‘Resurrection of F’ was released, and it is expected to do even better in 2017, with the English dub finally coming out a year and a half after the first episode aired in Japan.

So from January 2017 Dragon Ball Super will be in English and will be over 70 episodes ahead in Japanese, so with such an enormous following, should they try again with another movie?

Do Dragon Ball Fans Deserve Another Live Action Movie?
Do Dragon Ball Fans Deserve Another Live Action Movie?

With old fans excited again and with an influx of new fans, it may be a good time to announce a live action movie in the making.

The only thing is, if this movie whenever it comes, was to be a failure then its doubtful Dragon Ball fans will be anywhere near the definition of forgiving.

We cannot have another Dragon Ball Evolution, so if someone is to take on making another Dragon Ball live action movie, well then they have to do it right, especially now with the demand for Dragon Ball content increasing weekly.

Do Dragon Ball Fans Deserve Another Live Action Movie?
Do Dragon Ball Fans Deserve Another Live Action Movie?

If a movie was to be made and if it was to be successful, then it will be a win for the creators as well as for our fans.

With Dragon Ball Super coming to English, a movie may become a reality, but for the studios who accept the challenge then make sure to watch Dragon Ball Evolution first, and literally do the exact opposite of that, then I’m sure you will do fine.

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