Deadpool Appearing In Wolverine 3?

Ever since our favourite love story came to us on Valentines Day this year, fans have been craving to see Deadpool and Wolverine in action together, and no X-Men Origins: Wolverine doesn’t count.

According to Comic, Ryan Reynolds will be appearing as our favourite mercenary in Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine.

Although, 20th Century Fox has not made an official comment on the subject, Reynolds has recently been reported to have recorded a scene alongside Logan, for director David Leitch.

Deadpool Appearing In Wolverine 3?
Deadpool Appearing In Wolverine 3?

For those who are unaware Leitch, known for his involvement in the movie John Wick, is the replacement director for Deadpool 2, after Tim Miller abandoned the project, despite the success of the first movie.

This movie is going to be somewhat different to the usual X-Men or Wolverine movies we learnt to know and love.

The film takes place in the year 2024, where mutants have become an incredibly rare breed, most of the other X-men are no longer around and the only remaining hero’s are Logan, who’s healing abilities have slowed down, sometimes even to the point of not working at all, and an aging wheelchair-bound Charles Xavier.

Deadpool Appearing In Wolverine 3?
Deadpool Appearing In Wolverine 3?

This movie will, according to Jackman, be his last as Wolverine and with Deadpool rumoured to make an appearance, then it’s going to be an epic finale.

Sadly as there is no conformation from 20th Century Fox on the subject, Reynolds may only be appearing on our screens in some post-credits scenes, but again that is also unconfirmed, as all we know is that its rumoured that Reynolds has recorded a scene as Deadpool, along with Jackman as Wolverine but most importantly, together!


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