Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?

As we already know last week it was announced by Toonami animation that Dragon Ball Super will officially premiere in English, on Saturday the 7th of January.

As a result, it is likely there will an enormous spike in the popularity of the series, as many fans have waited patiently for almost two years for Dragon Ball Super to be English dubbed.

Now with this sudden spike, it may increase in the interest of past episodes as well, and so Netflix who are trying to broaden their anime line up may start to try and introduce more Dragon Ball to its members.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-oh, Full Metal Alchemist, Fairy Tail and Naruto are already available for streaming on Netflix, and I feel Dragon Ball may not be too far away.

With the Dragon Ball demand set to significantly increase in 2017, it is likely that Netflix may try and bolster its anime line up once again with Goku and all of the other Z-Fighters.

At the moment Netflix has no Dragon Ball Z titles available in Australia or the US, but for fans in Japan, Germany, Franc and Switzerland fans, things are slightly better.

With Bio-Broly currently being available in Germany and Switzerland (Out of all movies why that one). Return of Cooler is restricted to only Germany, Denmark and Switzerland, also Fusion Reborn, as well as Wrath of the Dragon, is only available in France.

Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?
Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?

As we expect Japan does have a lot more options than other countries when it comes to Dragon Ball as well as other anime too, but what about the US and Australia?

Australia has only had Netflix for a short while with shows being added to the streaming service regularly but as for the US, to not have Dragon Ball is somewhat surprising.

At the moment Animax is the company who own the rights to Dragon Ball in the US, and in the past have withheld a great deal of its content to streaming services.

Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?
Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?

However, with the sudden boom in the demand for Dragon Ball content that we are expecting in 2017, I do expect there will be negotiations made between Netflix and Animax in the near future, to have a larger variety of Dragon Ball content brought to more countries around the world on Netflix.

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2 thoughts on “Could Dragon Ball Be Coming To Netflix?”

  1. If I had the rights I would negotiate a deal for Dragonball/Z only. Then when it blows up big on Netflix like it would then would I negotiate for Super. Like that they could get the most out of netflix. It’s a win win but I think the holders of the rights could win the most here.

    1. I agree it should be Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball first.
      Then after a few months then maybe go for Super as well but I think it will be tough with other streaming companies owning rights to Super.

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