Comparing Assassin’s Creed One to Syndicate

With the new Assassin’s Creed film coming out in a few days I rushed to finish Syndicate.

After finishing the main story I was left wanting more as it did finish on a massive cliffhanger in the modern day, stuff which is something they should have started doing more of after Black Flag.

But then I started  thinking about  how far the series has traveled from the days when it was going to be a Prince Of Purser spinoff, to what was essentially there as a tech demo for the next generation consoles at the time, which then turned into Ubisoft’s biggest franchise, with yearly releases similar to Call Of Duty.

So I went back and started playing the 1st one a few days ago and the game, well, it’s aged ok…

The parkour was good, but nothing like the polish of Unity and Syndicate, but the combat was fairly good for the time, and because of those elements of it can be found in Unity with the fencing mechanics, but also a bit of what became the basics of the game for the rest of the series.

The sneaking around was actually really bad with only two differing hiding spots, the hay-bale, and the little rooftop thing.

Comparing Assassin's Creed One to Syndicate
Comparing Assassin’s Creed One to Syndicate

Whilst in Syndicate you can lose track of sight and leave an after-image , which was also implemented in Unity.

Assassinations also became a lot more fun compared to the earlier titles, after number three you can get more unique assassinations like killing from the crowd or from the confessional at a church, or pretending to be a dead body then stabbing your prey.

Comparing Assassin's Creed One to Syndicate
Comparing Assassin’s Creed One to Syndicate

All in all, I think the 1st Assassin’s Creed still holds up in some part’s but it’s really hard to go back to after all the sequels

Now to wait to watch the movie.


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