Can Sakura Survive Saitama’s Serious Punch?

So just before all the Sakura haters explode here and now, I can assure you that this is not just another One Punch Man doubter article, I myself love Saitama and believe he is one of the strongest, if not the toughest anime character already.

As we know Saitama is called ‘One Punch Man’ for a reason, however, many still believe that he can still be defeated by the likes of Goku and Superman.

Now with only one season and a couple of specials, there isn’t enough information to prove otherwise either, except for the fact he has completely destroyed everybody he has faced thus far, in only one hit.

Can Sakura Survive Saitama's Serious Punch?
Can Sakura Survive Saitama’s Serious Punch?

Saitama is hilarious, and how can he not be? Especially with his best attack being called “Serious Punch”.

But the question I’m asking today is not how awesome Saitama is, its actually can one of the most criticised anime character of all time, Sakura from Naruto, be able to do what no one else has done before? Survive a punch from One Punch Man.

If we look at Sakura from part one of Naruto then its easy to say that she would be destroyed by Saitama just breathing in her general direction, but at the end of Shippuuden, she became more than just a decent Ninja.

Sakura trained under one of the three Legendary Sannin Tsunade, similar to the other members of team seven who trained under Orochimau and Jiraiya.

As a result Sakura became one of the strongest ninjas in the village and even maybe the world, she learnt the 100 healings Jutsu from Tsunade, helped seal Kaguya, saved the lives of many shinobi during the 4th ninja war, with her incredible medical ninjutsu and played a much bigger role in most fights of Shippuuden compared to Naruto part one, especially against Sasori.

Yes, Sakura showed us that she was no longer useless and instead became incredibly strong as well, but despite all her success, can she survive a punch from Saitama?

Can Sakura Survive Saitama's Serious Punch?
Can Sakura Survive Saitama’s Serious Punch?

Now I’m not sure about defeating him because from what we have seen in the series so far, he just simply cannot be harmed, but we have also seen he can destroy anything in one punch, so is Sakura someone who can survive one of these hits?

As surprising as it is, I genuinely believe she can survive a hit from Saitama as she is pretty much immortal when using her 100 healing technique, plus she has inherited incredible strength just as her teacher in Tsunade has.

As she cannot take any damage that cannot be instantly healed, as long as she has chakra reserved, then it must be assumed that she can survive a punch from him.

Can Sakura Survive Saitama's Serious Punch?
Can Sakura Survive Saitama’s Serious Punch?

But if this is the case then we also have to assume that Tsunade, who uses the same technique and Hashirama Senju, who can also use techniques that instantly heal wounds regardless of their size, can all also survive a punch as well.

We actually can’t stop there either, as all characters who wield a Sharingan such as Itachi, Madara, Kakashi, Danzo, and Sasuke, can use Izanagi in order to survive the punch from Saitama as well.

Now I’m not saying that either of these characters are stronger or even could go as far as defeat Saitama, but I do genuinely think they can be the firsts to survive Saitama’s Serious Punch.

Do you think Sakura or the others mentioned here can survive a punch from One Punch Man? Please let us know in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Can Sakura Survive Saitama’s Serious Punch?”

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      1. No one in Narutoverse would survive the serious punch.
        the bigger question is – can sakura survive saitama’s casual punch?
        my answer – it depends what part and how much of her body is destroyed.

        1. But we have to remember that her 100 healings technique can regenerate any wound, so as long as she has chakra left she may survive at least one punch.

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