Anime in 2016 Part 1

Coming to the end of the year and its been one hell of a time,
we have lost so many famous actors, leaders, and America’s dignity.

Anime in 2016 Part 1
Anime in 2016 Part 1

Britain also decided to say ‘Hey Europe I love you but I think it’s time I moved out”,
but enough of that, onto the anime of 2016.

In the winter season, we were given Erased a story about a man who goes back in time to save people from dying, because as we all know people die when they are killed.

We also had more weird anime,  Sekkou-boys was one, where they take statutes and  put them in a J-Pop band

Anime in 2016 Part 1

Continuing the (Not Sword Art Online) genre we had Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash were the main characters wake up in a new world with no recollection of where they came from and slowly start to forget more and more, kind of like the Maze Runner. Oh, also they are really bad at surviving, like really bad.


On to the spring season of 2016, where we had one of my favorite anime’s of the year, Haven’t  you heard I’m Sakomoto?It’s the anime that showed us what it meant to be cool, cooler and the coolest, where Sakomoto was so perfect at everything, he could even make Yamcha win a fight, that’s how good he is

Anime in 2016 Part 1
Haven’t  you heard I’m Sakomoto?
Anime in 2016 Part 1
kabaneri of the fortress

Now we had the anime that will probably go on to define 2016 Re’Zero.
One night Subaru is just in the local convenience store and in a blink of an eye he is in another world which, he takes surprisingly well.
But the twist of the story is that he is trapped in a groundhog day loop and he has to go on a quest to get himself a Waifu *spoiler alert*


Well, that’s the 1st half of 2016.  I know I missed a lot of anime, but I personally think these were the anime I should have mentioned more than all the others.

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