One Piece manga theory: What is Kaido?

One Piece manga theory: What is Kaido?

SPOILER ALERT: dont read if you didnt reach manga chapter 501 or anime episode 397.

Lets start with that Kaido possibly has an immortal dragon devilfruit, which is a mythical zoan type. Which means that he should die when thrown into water.

Now the thing is, when a devilfruit user falls in to the water, he doesn’t die. Instead he becomes immobile, a “hammer” in the water, as we first learned in Arlong Park, when Luffy got thrown in the water and almost died because he was unable to breath until his crew pulled him out and resuscitated him.

The other time we have seen this is when Zunisha, the ancient elephant destroyed Jacks crew, and he got thrown in the water.We could see him being immobile, but he could still breath normally underwater while asking for Kaidos help.


He was waiting (and hopefully still does) for Kaidos crew to find him and rescue him following his vivre card. His vivre card didnt burn, so the crew know he must be alive. He just lays on the seabed breathing normally. How is this possible?-you may ask. Because he is bi-racial, a half-blood.

The first bi-racial creature I remember noticing is Doflamingos crewmate, Dellinger. He has visible horns already, which doesn’t prove anything, it could be a vanity thing, but then during battle his pointed and sharp shark teeth appeared suddenly, along with a dorsal fin which resembles a sharks fin which means, he is half human, half fishman.

How does mixed breeding happen? I HAVE NO IDEA but it sometimes happens, and sometimes it happens between the most unexpected species.

The second time mixed-breeding came into my mind is when I saw Jacks horns and his teeth which he always covered with his iron or steel mask. We don’t know if he is actually a gyojin (fishman) or a half-blood, but both of these are equally possible.

screen-shot-2015-06-27-at-11-46-20-pm-1The third times mixed races came into my mind is when I saw a person with long legs and long arms at the human auctioning house on Sabaody Island. We can prove its not an entirely different species because Oda revealed a list where all races living in the One Piece universe are written (manga ch 501). On the list there is the longarm tribe and the longleg tribe, but no longleg-longarm tribe which makes it clear that the slave on the auctioning is bi-racial.

6sutq1fKaido is probably a half seacreature (fishman or seaking) half giant (from Elbaf, OR a huuuuuge human), although he is not as huge as some of the giants but he is pretty huge, bigger than White Beard, and six times taller than Eustass Kid. What makes me think he is from a “mixed-marriage” is his pair of horns. Dellinger has them and he is bi-racial, Jack has them and he is probably bi-racial. If Kaido is bi-racial, that would explain his size and why he never dies in the water (because he may have gills), moreover, he ate the immortal dragon devilfruit, which grants him some more “immortality”. He is also called “the strongest creature in the world”. He is called a creature and not a human.

Lets add that his devilfruit (immortal dragon mythical zoan type devilfruit) doesnt actually grant him immortality, but bigger physical strength and thicker skin or such, which adds to his survival chances, but those chances are still finite.

So i think all these things prove that he is in fact not immortal, he just has some hereditary and gained skills and abilities that helps him survive no matter what.


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  1. Compare the appearance of Oars and Kaido. I think his bloodline fits into the picture somehow. It’s possible that’s the human side and some other creature is the other half.

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