With So Many Live Action Movies Coming Out Soon I really Hope They Are Better Than Dragon Ball Evolution

We have seen many live action movies in recent years based from popular anime series, all of which have not done very well sadly.

With Bleach, Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist all having live action films being made in the next two years, expectations will be high.

However, the other anime which have had live action films thus far, have for various reason, not done very well and as a result fans are worried these coming movies may turn out the same.

Dragon Ball Evolution was probably the most disappointing, scoring a 1.5 stars out of 5 in IMDB, which in my opinion was pretty generous.


The 2009 movie was heavily criticized by Dragon Ball fans for a number of reasons such Piccolo looking nothing like his character from the anime, the main star Goku was annoying and also looked nothing like the series and also lets not forget the left Krillin out of the movie.

Now yeas Krillin isn’t the strongest character but he was Goku’s best friend and literally crucial to the storyline early on in the series, especially as his death was the reason Goku unlocked his super saiyan transformation.


Now as for the other, Attack On Titan had a two-part movie released in 2015, after the incredible success of the anime’s first season.

It has been almost three years since season one came out, with fans guttered that the release of season two continues to be delayed and pushed back.

But despite this, a live action film was made and did slightly better than Dragon Ball, scoring a 2.5 stars out of 5 on IMDB.


Which again, I think is quite generous considering the anime is nowhere near finished and as a result they left out a number of things because there are not any answers for them yet from the series.

On top of that they made Captain Levi evil, which he is not in the series and also into a creepy sex offender, which again he is not in the series.


However, the animation was pretty good and the first part of the two-part film was quite good as well, but the second part ruined it because with they’re being little animated content so far, they had to make things up to end the movie.

I still don’t understand why they just didn’t go off what we have seen from the manga as we regularly get chapters released from it and manga wise, we are years ahead of the anime but instead they decided to change the story, and well as a result it didn’t do very well.

But as we can see there is a gradual improvement so hopefully Full Metal Alchemist, which is literally one of the best stories I have ever seen, is much better and that also goes for Naruto and Bleach who are also in my top five anime of all time.

Bleach if all goes to plan, it is expected to be released in 2018, as Warner Brothers Japan starts to re-create the much-loved Bleach series.


Similar to Attack On Titan, Bleach’s anime series has never been finished as it was suddenly cancelled in late 2012, but its manga has come to an end this year, finishing the Bleach story.

Therefore there is actually a correct ending and unlike for Attack On Titan, there doesn’t have to be anything made up to finish the movie.

As for Full Metal Alchemist they too have finished their manga and animated series a few years ago. The original series ended in 2004 but was later shortened, changed, remade and ended even more popular than ever in 2010.


This movie is scheduled to be released much sooner than the Bleach movie as fans will be able to watch it as early as Japans winter season in 2017.

Thus far however, due to the quality of what we have seen from live action films based from anime, the expectations of fans have not been high. But considering how good the anime was and how short it is compared to many of the others, the movie doesn’t have to leave out as much as it tries to squeeze everything into two hours.


For instance Bleach has had 366 episodes and is unfinished while as for Full Metal Alchemist, their Brotherhood remake has only 64 episodes and is complete.

While as for the Naruto movie, Lionsgate has to taken on-board the role of recreating the much-loved animated series.

The movie will be based from its original series Naruto, which aired from 2002 to 2007, before Naruto Shippuden began.


The Naruto story has officially ended this year, with the anime slowly introducing the next generation of ninja through the Boruto (Naruto’s son) manga and movie.

With the conclusion of the series this year in both the manga and anime, we can expect a good ending to the movie.

But as the series in total has close to 700 episodes, it is no surprise that Lionsgate is only making their movie based off Naruto’s childhood series and hopefully if the movie is a success, move on to Naruto Shippuden later on in another movie.


As all three of these anime are so highly regarded amongst anime fans, it will be incredibly disappointing if they were to be at the same low quality as the movies we have seen in the past.

However, because of these failures in the past we should expect the creators to take some notes and improve from what we have seen so far, as the previous live action movies of Dragon Ball and Attack On Titan haven’t set the bar very high at all.

From what we have seen casting wise and glimpses from photos, all is looking good. But until we see the final product I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high anime fans as we have been disappointed before, but I do feel as if this time around it may be different story and these films can raise the bar when it comes to live action anime remakes.

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