How Bad Are These Naruto Boyhood Arcs?

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Naruto Shippuden sucks, but what I am saying is that this new season that has come out leading into the Naruto Hidden series, does suck.

Last month we saw the end on the Naruto story since it all began in 1997, Saskue is finally not trying to kill everything, the fourth great ninja war has ended and Naruto is the hero of the world as peace is restored.

Now with the end of Naruto Shippuden we have seen a sneak peak of whats to come with the Boruto movie, showing us what life is like in the near future with Naruto finally living his lifelong dream of being Hokage.


However before we get to see a Boruto animates series, it was announced earlier this year that there is still a lot left in the Naruto Shippuden franchise to come, even after the story had reached its conclusion.

Behold the Boyhood Arc, which loyal Naruto fans have been watching for the past two weeks.

These short episodes have so far been absolutely useless in adding to the storyline of the series, with many fans complaining about the quality of the episodes.

Thus far I feel the same and with two more Boyhood Arc episodes remaining I am not looking forward to the next fortnight of Naruto episodes.

First of all the animation is completely different to what we have seen for 15 years of the animated series and its not a better difference and instead a loss of quality.


This is incredibly infuriating, as the content doesn’t even make up for the lack of animation quality, which some fans are calling worse than all the filler.

Then on top of it all these episodes have nothing interesting to show us, giving fans information that we already knew, or information that we didn’t need to know at all.

Therefore, I have come up with a number of ideas that would have been better than these four Boyhood episodes, for example a story on Sakumo Hatake, who is Hatake Kakashi’s farther that we know very little about, apart from the fact he was an incredible ninja and was stronger than the legendary sennin.

Another story idea could have been how the god of shinobi Hashirama Senju, passed away considering we have no information on the first Hokage after his fight with Madara.

Now these are just a couple of ideas that I have come up with that I am sure Naruto fans would have preferred, rather than these Boyhood episodes.

At least we only have to endure this arc for another two weeks as the episodes after this about Kakashi, Naruto’s Hokage induction and Shikamaru are coming soon afterwards.


On top of that some fans suggest that the Boruto anime is too not that far away, with the manga continuing and thus these arcs are acting as filler for this up incoming next generation series to release more manga content.

But until then Naruto fans will have to suffer because there are still two more Boyhood episodes to go, hopefully however the next two might be better, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high, based from what we have seen so far.

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