A Few Things We Wish We Got To See In Naruto

With the conclusion of the Naruto manga and anime this year, we have been left with a number of things that we will most likely never get to see.

Even though there is still more to come in the Naruto franchise with episodes of the Hidden series being animated and the new era of ninja coming soon, it is highly unlikely that these mysteries will ever be looked at, and we will most likely never get an answer.

Of course what are these mysteries and why haven’t we seen any information on them yet? Well I have listed a few of them left below and I have tried to give an explanation as to why they were never addressed in depth.


What Happened when Jiraiya fought Orochimaru?


Well we actually don’t know what happened to be frank, all we know is that shortly after Orochimaru fled the village Jiraiya perused and then confronted him.

Orochimaru was the first major villain, which was introduced in the story, a former Konoha hero turned evil through jealousy, desire to learn all jutsu’s and ambitions of immortality.

He spent years learning forbidden jutsu’s and practicing horrible experiments in secret until he was caught and driven out by the third Hokage and one apon a time, teacher of on of the three legendary Sennin.

Soon after this Jiraiya, another member of the three legendary Sennin, persued his friend in an attempt to bring him back to the village and help rid him of his sins, but as we know he failed.


Though, we have seen many flashbacks of this attempt of when he confronted Orochimaru and from what we know of their power, it would have been an incredible fight, but unfortunately a fight that we never got to see.

But why didn’t we get to see this? Well the answer probably is as simple as it had no real importance to the storyline, but neither did most of the Naruto filler so I’m sure this could have been put in somewhere.


How the first Hokage dies


Now this is probably the greatest of mysteries in the Naruto franchise and not only do we not see it, we don’t even hear it mentioned anywhere.

How did the god of shinobi and the first Hokage Hashirama Senju die? We don’t even know when he dies let alone how he passed away.

I highly doubt he was killed, as he wasn’t called the god of shinobi for no reason. His only real equals were his brother the second Hokage and Madara who he defeated.

All the other kage as strong as they were, at the end of the day were no match for Hashirama Senju.

So on that note, how did he die? Well I presume it was of old age but from a flashback we see later in the series, Hashiriama’s younger brother Tobirama died during the first great ninja war on a mission with the then teenage Hiruzen and Danzo.


Tobirama was at the time already the second Hokage and then told Hiruzen that he will be the third Hokage, as he knew he was about to give his life away in the sake of his pupils.

But from what Hiruzen says next tells me that Hashirima was most likely dead by this time. What I am referring to is that Hiruzen soon mentioned that Tobirama was too important to the village as he was the strongest ninja they had and then as a result offered his life in the sake of the second Hokage.

From this statement I assume that the frist Hokage is most likely deceased, as he was clearly stronger than his younger brother, but if Tobirama was indeed the strongest the village had, we must assume his older brother isn’t around.


Also if his older brother was still alive I assume that the title of third Hokage wouldn’t go to a teenager like Hiruzen, especially during a war and so the first Hokage would regain control out of experience.

But because of this all going the way it did, I assume that Hashiriama has already passed away and being not that much older than Tobirama, I doubt it was from natural cause.

Why didn’t we get to see this? Well there is no excuse, as his death should have at least been mentioned somewhere as he was a crucial character in the Naruto story, but because he is so important, we may still get to see how he dies in the new Boruto anime.


What did Madara do after fighting Hashiriama?


What we do know is that soon before the first great ninja war, co-finder of the hidden leaf alongside  Hashiriama, turned on the Konohoa and attacked the village.

For the sake of world peace he confronted his best friend in an attempt to change the shinobi world, but he failed and was defeated by his friend and presumed to be dead.

But as we all know, Madara faked his death and so went into hiding for quite some time until a half dead Obito fell into his lap that is.

We see that during the third great shinobi war, that he saves Obito and then using his friend Rin, ultimately manipulates Obito and forces his dreams upon him.

But before all this what did Madara do? Well I doubt someone as powerful as he, simply sat in a cave waiting for a half dead child to find him.


He lived in hiding through the first and second great ninja wars with not influence at all. This to me sounds highly unlikely and I assume that Madara did do something other than sulking in a cave.

This is another thing I don’t understand as to how it can be left out, not even mentioned. Madara was the greatest villain in the Naruto world, so we should have at least had an explanation as to what he did for all that time.

The only thing I can think of as to why its not mentioned, is maybe he did just sit there sulking in a cave for 50 years.

These are only three things all Naruto fans wish we got to see, with more still left unmentioned in my article, but with the story continuing into the next generation, maybe we will get to see them.

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